Duration – 90 Days

Inking a skin is one another form of art and creativity which is way much different as compared to using colors on paper or canvas. Just a thought of enrolling into this course itself will encourage you to get into the depth of this awesome world of tattoo art.

As a beginner in this field we start with basic pencil skills for art on paper. We believe that everyone may not be proficient in drawing and art and that’s where this beginner course helps any individual to be confident post completion of the course to proceed with gaining knowledge about the advanced techniques of tattoo art.

To become a Pro Tattoo Artist we recommend you to have a glance of our other advanced course details.


Become an artist first by starting from basic line works on paper, post getting accuracy in it we proceed ahead with sketching skills and body anatomy.

The next step we take ahead is the shading knowledge in sketching and drawing without using an eraser in the entire process since you have option of correction on paper but there is zero tolerance to any mistakes when it comes to inking a skin.

Once we notice about your skills in the above training to be polished completely, we then move ahead with getting you engaged into in depth knowledge of all equipments, machine handling, use of various needles for different kinds of piece of arts that you will perform on synthetic skin pad and most importantly the hygiene part. Further we make sure you’ve gained enough confidence through all the training sessions you attended up to now and encourage you to attend the practicals where our mentors will be actually performing tattoo art on real skin. Here you will be pervaded with knowledge of various kinds of skin layers, their skin tones and flows, levels of layers till the limit where the needle must not exceed the penetration, post tattoo skin care and tattoo protection.

Once you get through with all the above training process, we take you to the next level of performing actual basic tattoo on real skin under observation of one of our expert tattoo artists. Consider it to be your final examination wherein the report of performance will be submitted. Now is the joyous moment of that awesome feeling of becoming a qualified tattoo artist by holding your government affiliated certificate for successfully completing your basic tattoo artist course.


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