Advanced Course


Duration – Additional 30 days post completion of basic course

You are just one step away from becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist if you’ve already completed your basic tattoo art training. The primary objective of introducing this course is to help educate any tattoo artist with all the advanced skills and techniques to mould them and help them stand out of the crowd. This course is meant for those who have dream to start up their own studio and display their unique way of art and creativity to the world. Now since you are already well-verse with all the equipments handling, hygiene and basic tattoo skills, the next step ahead will lead you into the real world of tattoo art talent with wide area of creativity wherein sky is the limit.

To start with this course we begin with knowledge of different color tones in our body and adjusting the outside tattoo ink with the body color tone for the upcoming tattoo to appear with accurate shades and color combinations. These combinations between the tattoo ink and skin tone are useful for all those tattoos which are to be performed with shading effects and mixing colors like any portrait tattoo or realism tattoo. To Become a Pro Tattoo Artist it’s extremely important for one to know and understand the thought process and views of the kind heart that is willing to ink his or her skin.

Every tattoo has a purpose, a meaning, a dream or a story behind it. It is only you who can draw it down on paper by reading their mind. The training of understanding the concept of an individual and getting it on paper is what we call it as conceptual tattoo. This course does not only teach you advanced tattoo or inking skin but it also enhances you with knowledge and training about how to use various designing softwares that are user friendly and widely used for creativity in designing tattoos across the globe. There are loads of benefits post completion of the advanced tattoo artist course from the Institute which you can explore or discuss with our experts and mentors.


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